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A collection of oral histories
of LGBT persons

14. Nisha


Girish Kumar was a simple boy-next door in a town in
Southern India. Right through his school, college and
computer science diploma, he wore his shirt and pant right
through everyday, except on Sunday, when he secretly wore
girl's clothes at his friend's house. But he would never
imagine that one day he would board a train to Mumbai that
would change his life forever. Surely joining a Hijra (eunuch)
household, dancing at weddings, begging on streets; joining
The Humsafar Trust as an outreach worker, rising up to
head half-a-dozen projects as an Administrator and finally
transforming into the beautiful Nisha, was never part of his
life plans. Nisha now dreams of equal rights for her
transgender community and a happy life with her
half-a-dozen transgender daughters.

Vivek Anand

Concept, Interviews & Direction:
Sridhar Rangayan

project BOLO - vol1

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Excerpts from BOLO Interview

Nisha: They took me Malad, Malvani. I had come here
without telling anyone at home. I was in leather shoes,
formal pants and a striped-shirt. They took me to their
house at night, because if I went there in pant-shirt during
the day, then it would be wrong for them also. They told me
not to come in daytime and I had to think about them…
though I thought myself to be a Hijra (transgender). They
took me at night and gave me food to eat and I still
remember the first saree they gave me to wear. It was a
fluorescent yellow saree. I wore it in Asha Guru, my guru's
(master's) house. I had short hair so I used to warp a dupatta
around my head and wear a salvar-suit and be in the house
and not go out. They say that if you remain in a veil, you
become more beautiful… and I kept waiting to become a
woman!! I used to go for weddings with my guru and play
the dholak (drum) and dance. It used to be different days for
different places. Monday - Ghatkopar, Tuesday - Santacruz,
Wednesday - Malad and so on…

We used to go shop to shop and ask for money... we used
to do mangti (begging) on Fridays. Those days every shop
used to give 25 paise to one hijra. So to get 1 rupee also we
had to beg in 4 shops. When I had come to Mumbai with my
parents we had eaten food in one hotel in South Mumbai.
When I went to beg I realized that I had come to this hotel
with my parents and sisters and eaten food and even given
Rs.10 tip… and today I am begging for 25 paise from the
same hotel!

And in Dahisar East there was a computer institute… and
he used to call us inside and make us sit and talk with us.
If you give me the old computer with DOS operating system
to repair, I can repair it. So if there was any problem in their
service centre I used to tell them from the beep what to do -
change the RAM or have the SMPS connection right or else
it will blow off!! I used to think that they don't know anything
and run a computer institute and, I who knows so much,
why can't I do something.



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