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A collection of oral histories
of LGBT persons

13. Manvendra Singh Gohil

Manvendra Singh Gohil

Manvendra Singh Gohil is the first Indian royalty to ever
come out as a gay man. It took him many years of internal
struggle, a failed marriage and an inspirational bonding with
Ashok Row Kavi, before he veered away from being a
lawyer to activism. He set up Lakshya Trust which is now
acknowledged as one of the best CBOs in Gujarat with
projects that reach the grassroots and advocacy at the
highest bureaucratic corridors, that shapes at the highest
level. He was the third Indian to be on Ophrah Winfrey
Show and he has even led pride parades in Stockholm.
He is an Indian prince who is truly international.

Vivek Anand

Concept, Interviews & Direction:
Sridhar Rangayan

project BOLO - vol1

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Excerpts from BOLO Interview

Manav: I was not sports-minded as such… But I was fond
of music, so at a very early age, at the age of 8 years itself,
I joined a music school… where I was learning Indian
classical vocals… and even somethings like public
speaking… which is a part and parcel of our life, as we are
involved in public life… I was given training in that too.

I was totally against the idea of hunting… because I loved
animals - whether they were domesticated or in the wild
form - and I would go for hunts with my cousins and other
relatives, but somehow I wasn't mentally prepared to kind
of kill an animal.

As I was growing I was observing that I was attracted
towards the male and not the female and that was
happening in school, it was happening amongst the
servants who were raising me and at the age of 13...
I would say I was kind of looked after, kind of was adopted
by him, because he was an orphan and with him I started
discovering my sexuality and like I was observing that he
was getting attracted towards me and we did kind of an
experiment with each other's body about what
it is to be attracted towards the same sex.

I would say our relation was more on a physical level, and
nobody doubted us… because he was meant to satisfy my
personal needs, my domestic needs and then he started
fulfilling my sexual needs as well!!



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