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A collection of oral histories
of LGBT persons

11. Lachi


Ever since her childhood, Lachi always dreamt of being a
woman… and now she is quintessentially every inch that.
Being brought up in a not well-to-do family with very
conservative parents, the young boy that was Lachi did not
know for many years what is the meaning of the way he felt
about himself and what to do with it. His association with
Laxmi Narayan Tripathi and Dai Welfare Society and the
transformation into the gritty glamorous Lachi is a journey of
self discovery and self transformation. Lachi today is a
committed activist fighting for rights of transgender persons.
She also has dreams of being a Bollywood star - a Bollywood
transgender star, actually.

Vivek Anand

Concept, Interviews & Direction:
Sridhar Rangayan

project BOLO - vol1

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Excerpts from BOLO Interview

Lachi: At first my parents refused to allow me to go and work
for the community centre. They felt that I would also become
like that. I told them that I am already one of them and nothing
happens after entering the community.

My parents were upset a lot. They thought that in the
community center we were treated. Treated means, that we
were taught how to walk, how to talk, how to stand. No one
learns all this in the community center… this is god gifted
and you learn it naturally. At times I wonder that those who
have 11 fingers, the society accepts them, then why don't
they accept us if we are different. I had to struggle a lot and
when my parents came to know about my working in the
community center they created havoc… and said that there is
no need for me to work there. There is a shortage of educated
people in the transgender community, so I thought that since I
am one of them, then why should I not help them.

I have never worked for money. If I get money or not, it is
important to work for the community. If women are getting
education today it is because many years ago Ambedkarji,
Mahatma Phule, Savitribai Phule …. they all worked for it.
They all said that women should be educated as she is also
a part of our society… The seeds they had sown earlier,
women are now getting the benefits. Women are getting
educated now. So I think that if I sow the seed now for my
community, then maybe in the coming 10 years or 50 years,
my next generation will benefit from it.



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