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A collection of oral histories
of LGBT persons

10. Jehangir Jani

Jehangir Jani

Life can be moulded into whatever shape one wants to, if one
has the courage and strength - this seems to be the life motto
of Jehangir Jani, the well renowned artist. Never one to be afraid
of experimenting with mediums -painting, sculpture, mixed
media and new media - Jani has also experimented with life
and love. He has never been anxious of his sexuality and sexual
desires and has been open about expressing them through his
works that are exhibited in many prestigious galleries across
the world and are part of exclusive private collections. While
he even got married unofficially to his same-sex partner much
before anyone in India ever did, he says his inspiration for his
work is his own life, which has recently taken an interesting
turn towards meditation and spiritualism.

Vivek Anand

Concept, Interviews & Direction:
Sridhar Rangayan

project BOLO - vol1

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Excerpts from BOLO Interview

Jani: It started off as a joke, a game… the marriage… and
when the time of actual preparations and everything started
happening, I got edgy… there was baraat (wedding
procession) and there was 'vision' side and my side… So
apparently there was great fun - I mean exchange of wows,
I was feeling married or getting married types and I think so
was 'vision' and we exchanged rings and… there was mehndi
and there was tana bani (wedding rituals) and there was
sangeet (songs and dance) and dhol (drums) and disparate
crowd - 'G' who was from my school, the one with the best
butt and the tightest pant, also became one of my exs much
later in life out of school, but then 'G' also came and 'G'
actually went to Sheetal and actually bought an outfit for the
event and there was 'L' who was flying for Air India, and was
in tears because it was typically something he had imagined
and it was happening to his friend… There was like a lot of
overwhelming, full drama basically.

We never lived together… but we were in each other's homes
all the times. We got along… then we started sharing same
workplace… and I think that was the (mistake)… as long as
we were apart, you see, 'vision' had his privacy and over a
period of time we had both started extramarital whatever it is…
then when we used to come to know, there used to be a big
drama - that you have stabbed me in the back and I stabbed
you and then again… forget it. I think it became a pattern…
that's what I want to tell about relationship - I firmly believe -
Man is not monogamous and neither is woman, for all
practical purposes… they are monogamous because they
fear that if they fool around then they are going to lose
whatever they have invested in or what they have got others
to invest in them.



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