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A collection of oral histories
of LGBT persons

5. Dalip Daswani

Bindumadhav Khire At 55, Dalip has seen it all - the personal and the political.
Both the hate and happiness, the violence and victory. He
has faced estrangement and discrimination from his very
own family because of his sexual orientation. As an extremely
talented ceramic designer his shows were applauded in the
press, but again his sexuality became a stumbling block to
a successful career. His outspoken views even alienated him
from the close group of people who started one of the earliest
underground LGBT groups in Delhi. However through his
ceramic work, writings and activism, he continued to be one
of the fearless spokesperson of the incumbent LGBT movement
in the 90s. Today, living a retired life in his tranquil home, he
has no regrets in life - every life experience is a learning is
what he feels.

Vivek Anand

Concept, Interviews & Direction:
Sridhar Rangayan

project BOLO - vol1

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Excerpts from BOLO Interview

Dalip: It was a two paragraph (letter)… introducing myself.
But that was, in a sense… that was the first time I was actually
telling another person that I am gay… giving myself a label…
sharing it with another person… even though it was through
a letter and not face to face. And that moment also, as I
remember, when I literary dropped the letter in the letter box…
that time we didn't have internet and e-mail… there was a
sense of a heavy cloud, ok it was a sense of heavy burden,
which was removed… just that act of dropping that letter…
just about 6 to 8 lines sharing that you are gay… that first
act of coming out… and this sense of a cloud, which I realize
later was the cloud I had really kept oppressed, had just
lifted… not realizing that there were many more clouds to
be lifted.

I had given my P.O. box address… So contacts were made
and somehow this chap from Germany lands up and connects
with three-four of us. We meet for the first time in a cafe and
the Red Rose group event starts… and we were the founders…
and it was the sense of timing… we met, we discussed…
then lets do this again, lets advertise… but how do we
advertise? So let's advertise through Trikone. It was that time
span of sending the letter to them, they then come up with
the next publication, the next issue, they give the ad of this
meeting happening in this cafe in Delhi… and red rose is the

The first meeting, I think, I had several people… and then the
second meeting… by then it had grown… word had spread a
little bit plus the first ad had come out I think… That really
was magical. I think it was really magical - small circle of 4-5
people… people walk in grows to 8… grows to 16… grows to
nearly 20… it just kept growing… it was like this bubble… it
was growing… encapsulating the whole environment… and we
ended up being 50 plus people! This was first coming out in a
public space, which was the moment of revolution so to
speak… It's just bringing tears to my eyes, the sense of joy
and liberalization… and the magic… it was magic!



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